A living brand for SignDict

Variations of the SignDict logo.

SignDict is community-driven, and so is the logo. When signing up for the platform each user is asked to draw their own interpretation of the bookmark logo, resulting in a visual variety of forms as diverse as the community.

A customized version of Appeltje

SignDict is an online dictionary for sign language, aiming to spread knowledge and awareness. It certainly isn’t the first of its kind. What sets SignDict apart is the interactive approach. Much like anyone can edit an article on wikipedia, SignDict invites its users to record and upload new gestures or variations of existing ones (yes, there are dialects in sign language as well). If you want to learn more, head on over to signdict.org

Amazed by the open source spirit of the project we (zweitag) offered to provide a brand design pro bono. In close collaboration with SignDict’s creator a simple and living brand was created, among with a dedicated version of my Appeltje Typeface and custom illustration.

For: SignDict
Role: Brand Development, Visual Design, Digital Design, Type Design
With: zweitag

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