Reproduzierte Realität

For the book, some modifications were made to tightype’s Fabrik typeface.

Much like images emancipated themselves from text the book features a grid that is broken apart by more and more autonomously placed images over the course of the page.

»Reproduzierte Realität« was my final project at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences and Maastricht Academy of Media Design and Technology. It is the result of eight months of research and visual experimentation. The research about the entangled relationship of media, technology and society, which is summarized in a 150 page book, led to further visual experimentation investigating the aesthetic influences of media technology on the social perception of reality. The research and design process is explained in some detail below. The social reality we live in is not the natural state of things, but rather a human construction. A construction that at the same time affects human expectations about reality itself. Scientific research into philosophy, media, communication and social sciences led to the conclusion that this dialectical construction operates on three leves: The social, the aesthetic and the semiotic level. Within my book each level is investigated, highlighting key aspects of the most relevant theories.

For: Self-initiated
Role: Research, Concept Development, Visual Design, Book Design

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