An exhibition for photographer Kevin Biberbach

The exhibition’s visual identity was centred on the notion of crossing a day of a calendar
Applications of the visual language for posters
Along with the posters a printed exhibition catalog was created, showcasing all 365 photos.

The exhibition was openend on June 18th and 19th 2016 during Aachen’s Lothringair festival and took place in an old pharmacy, that became a temporary gallery.

Images and their descriptions were put to the wall using paperclips and nails, underlining the temporary nature of the exhibtion

The exhibition attracted around 1.000 visitors in total and encouraged visitors to engage conversation with the photographer about potential opportunities of commissioned work as well as just friendly chats about photography in general.

I developed a visual identity and interior concept for aachen-based photgrapher Kevin Biberbach’s pop-up exhibition of his »evryday« project.

The artist’s project was centered around taking an intimate portrait of a complete stranger for 365 days straight.

My visual concept puts an emphasis on this structure of the project rather than showing individual photos. As the project was more about personal growth as a photographer (and a human being for that matter) I created a visual representation of the photographer’s daily urgency during this project. Based on the idea of crossing out a day on your calendar a visual system for online, offline and in-place communication and wayfinding evolved.

For: Kevin Biberbach
Role: Concept Development, Creative Direction, Design, Exhibition Setup
With: Kevin Biberbach

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