A democratic identity for Hochschulradio Aachen

The simplified new logo
»HoRa Grotesque« eine exklusive Schrift für das Hochschulradio

The custom typeface and simplified logo is complemented by colored soundwaves, creating a distinct visual identity, while leaving room for interpretation.

A custom Processing script allows everyone to create their own soundwaves.
Putting all the elements together to form a distinct visual identity

The identity system is in use until today and has helped the radio to create its own visual voice.

Visual Interpretation of the circular logo for the radio’s 10th anniversary

“hochschulradio aachen” is a local campus radio at rwth aachen university. it’s a voluntary society broadcasting a radio program made by students for other students. a huge focus of the radio’s activity is in presenting new, apart-from-mainstream music as well as in engaging in local subcultural events such as parties, concerts, readings, movie showings or poetry slams. so, naturally, i was very happy when they approached me to design with them.

Over the years their existing identity has grown into a colorful mess. Every member of the radio was creating visual applications for their own needs. There were no consistencies in typography or color. Only the old logo tried to tie everything together.

We decided to replace this visual mess-up by a simple system that everyone could follow, while still leaving enough room for subjective expression.

The logo was simplified, a visual language based on soundwaves was envisioned, a custom typeface was created and a lot of exemplary applications and mock-ups were created.

For: Hochschulradio Aachen
Role: Visual Identity Design

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