Distinct Grooves

I designed a visual communication system for »Distinct Grooves«, a electronic-music party in Münster’s club »Der Stur«, that became quite iconic through its short but turbulent history. This monthly party was an expression of the club’s cultural and musical identity.

»Distinct Grooves« was supposed to be the counterpart to the daily commercial activity that electronic music has become. The aim was to focus on experimental music itself.

My visual designs assimilates the club’s stripe-based visual identity an re-interprets it. The stripes get bend and new colors and image-color-combinations were introduced, always finely tuned to the musical profile of the main act. This created a visual language, that could be understood as a dialect of »Der Stur’s« native language but was as distinct as the musical program of the party series.

For: Der Stur, Münster
Role: Visual Design

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