Helping African whistleblowers to securely share information

The pixelated Africa Logo
The visual key principle

Keeping a simple yet distinctive color scheme was necessary because in the end we wouldn’t have control over the printing process. Various newspapers across different African countries as well as local activist groups would all use different printers (with different color calibrations of course) to create their materials. When starting the project we therefore set ourselves the goal of creating something „still recognizable when printed the size of kilimanjaro on a 30 year old epson home printer”

A unique set of icons as well as an adapted version of Google Font’s »Squada One« typeface were created for the visual identity
The visual identity is centered around blank posters, that can be put up publicly to raise awarenes for unjustice and promote the platform at the same time. The yellow version is given out by the platform, while the white version can be printed by anyone
Digital Application of the visual language

For FreePress Unlimited, an Amsterdam based NGO working on the development of independent media in countries without freedom of the press, we (Jonne Kuyt, Linda Tetteroo and me) developed the visual identity and communication strategy for their newly launched platform AfriLeaks, a sort of wikileaks for Africa that allows people to securely share information about local, regional or even national injustices with selected independent media parties.

For: Free Press Unlimited
Role: Visual Identity Design
With: Jonne Kuyt, Linda Tetteroo, edenspiekermann_ Amsterdam

Further Projects