If humans are shaped by their environment, then this environment has to be made human

How I work

I don’t have any fancy words or pseudo-scientific graphs describing my methods and processes.

I am driven by curiosity and pragmatism.

I believe problems get solved by talking about them—a lot. Looking at the problem from every angle, discussing and debating it. I believe in deconstructing problems to solve them in collaboration with my clients.

Talking, understanding, collaborating. That’s my process.

Concepts & Art Direction

A strong and clear concept as at the core of every project. It is like the read thread running through the whole design procees. I believe in following this red thread without fuss or quibble, from sketch to production.

Strategic Design & Workshops

I help clients to fully understand their problem (because more often than not the assumed problem isn’t the real problem). I use collaborative workshops to create strategies, concepts, brands, digital products and visions.


I believe in sustainable design solution derrived from the problem, without styling and not following any Zeitgeist-Trends. My design process includes the handling of digital or analog production.

Creative Coding & Prototyping

Design and its digital representation in code are mutually inclusive. Often I handle the basic translation of my designs to frontend code myself. For more complex technical projects I work with a range of freelance frontend and backend developers.


If you’re interested in cooperating on an exciting project or just want to say hi, feel free to drop me a line. Or find me on Behance, Twitter and LinkedIn.


Lucas Nolte
Herzogstraße 23
52070 Aachen


  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Product Design
  • Typedesign
  • Visual Research
  • Webdesign
  • Frontend Development

Selected Clients

  • edenspiekermann_, Amsterdam
  • Crolla Lowis, Aachen
  • zweitag GmbH, Münster
  • hosting.de GmbH, Aachen
  • Kevin Biberbach, Köln
  • Der Stur, Münster
  • Hochschulradio Aachen e.V.
  • Pohlen & Co, Aachen


  • I focus on simple graphical solutions across traditional and new media—with a stress on typography and type design.
  • I see projects as an opportunity to question the understanding of the underlying problem, finding solutions in the stretch of proven methods and experimental visual research.
  • I believe in cooperations based on partnership—not working for a client but rather working with them.